We are a family business. In 2010 we opened a wool factory. Since then, we have consistently produced our goods and shared the experience with long-term clients and beginner creators. We have over 30 years of working experience in the textile sector. It makes us industry experts who can adapt to market changes. We continue to improve our production and supply chain while being open to new challenges.

We appreciate our clients and help them grow by offering our very best woolen products. Clients value us because the highest quality standards are our top priority. Quantity is like a reward from our clients, who let us grow together with them. We always stay open to new ideas and technological advancements. Thus we can create more sustainable woolen products beloved by our clients.



Founder of the company Mrs. Irena Abromavičienė



Constantly looking for new technological solutions in the production of sustainable products that protect the environment and human health.


To meet the expectations of customers and realize their wildest dreams.



Good and prompt communication

Friendly work environment