An Eco-Friendly Enterprice

That is our goal. We put these words to work by focusing on environmental protection and creating a sustainable production process. Our existing and potential clients think alike and prioritise quality and timeless slow fashion instead of running after fast fashion trends.

We strictly guide our production processes in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. We set goals accordingly and work systematically to achieve them. As an ethical business unit, we continually search for the best ways to improve our production and supply chain to minimise the impact on the environment.

Depending on our production demand and clients‘ needs, we constantly adjust the volume of wool materials to avoid overproducing. Thus we can meet the needs of our clients, deliver our goods in time and save precious planet materials needed for a sustainable ecosystem. Besides, we provide storage services. It helps to optimise the quantity of to-be-made goods and ensure efficient yarn use.

Our work processes have a rigid structure. So we regulate all the stages of production according to our long term goals. We don‘t run after short success, which negatively impacts the planet. We are lucky that our clients care about it too and choose modern designs based on slow fashion principles. It‘s an answer from all of us to the fast fashion problems. Together we go towards sustainable fashion.



We believe that every stage of the supply chain is equally important. And when the whole chain works in harmony, we can make a real and positive impact on us and the planet.


Together with our company suppliers and partners, the enterprise implements tools for minimizing environmental impact by sorting waste and thus meets all the legal requirements. It emphasizes energy saving, package recycling and reducing waste.


We are happy to work with wool, which to the European Union’s (EU) textile goods strategy, is one of the modern world solutions for creating sustainable textile practices.